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We offer development, testing and modification of injection material for sealing of porous salt and rock areas. Such systems are used in order to fight water and brine inflows into mines, shafts and tunnels. In particular, we hold wide-spread experiences regarding the adjustment of grouts for application in brines of various compositions.

Examples for grouting materials are:

  • Gel forming systems (both biopolymers and synthetic polymers)
  • Polymers like, acrylates, urethanes and epoxides
  • Latex or bitumen emulsions

We are the partner for all stages of the process:




We analyze both available data and samples in order to develop recommendations. We give advice concerning the planning of further pre-tests.

  • Analysis of maps and further data
  • Geological and geotechnical investigations of drill core samples, bulk material etc.
  • Characterization and selection of drill cores (rock type, color, stratification)
  • Water content, water retention and water permeability
  • XRD measurements, mineralogical characterization, mechanical properties, particle size distribution
  • Market analysis concerning existing injection materials including recommendations for the current project
Laboratory investigation

From our experience it is always required to adjust the recipes to the conditions on site, even if the used grout material is well established. Frequently there is no suitable ready-to-use system available. In this case, our laboratory studies can help.

  • Lab testing, adjustment and optimization of injection material
  • Evaluation of alternative additives (avoidance of toxic and environmentally harmful substances)
  • Influence of brine composition, in particular for systems developed for aqueous applications
  • Viscosity, pumpability and injectability
  • Water content
  • Mechanical properties and density
  • Acceleration or delay of setting time
  • Injection tests using flow cells and columns as well as injection packers
  • Characterization of swelling, shrinkage, and bleeding behavior
  • Resistance to salt solutions, aggressive waters, temperature and pH alterations as well as special environments
  • Evaluation of injection method and strategy as well as selection of injection material
On-site support

We provide support for the realization of field tests, ideally with personal presence of one of our experts. This enables fast reaction and problem-solving, just in case that there are deviations from the expected behavior despite the comprehensive pre-studies.

  • Selection and compilation of suitable equipment
  • On-site field tests (Lugeon test, Injection tests in IBC containers, …)
  • Advice and training of staff member regarding the handling of the injection materials
  • Assumption or support of quality assurance
Documentation and reporting

We offer preparation of final documentation and reports including external reviews. The latter is of course not limited to investigations, which were realized under our supervision.

  • Documentation und analysis
  • Presentation of results (publications, presentations, workshops)
  • External reviews and chemical consulting (see Services)

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