Development of Construction Materials

Optimization │ Setting time │ New Development │ Anhydrite

We have been working on the development of construction materials for several years. In addition to our own research, we would be pleased to accept your industrial development order.



We characterize construction materials regarding:
  • Improvement of the flowability of the material
  • Control of the setting time and strength
  • Optimization of the water/binder ratio
  • Flexural strength and adhesive pull strength
  • Determination of the thermal degradation behavior
  • Frost and thaw resistance
  • Thermal decomposition
  • Resistance against weather effects
  • Determination of shrinkage and swelling and swelling pressure
  • Determination of capillarity and water retention
Our previous work includes the following materials:
  • Gypsum/anhydrite based materials (self-leveling floating screeds, mortars, plaster, render)
  • Lime, natural hydraulic lime for mortars, renders, plaster
  • Cement based materials (alone or in combination with fly ashes, slags etc.) for special applications (tunnel grouting, shaft sealing, bulkhead constructions, rock grouting etc.)
  • Development of backfill materials, including encapsulation of contaminants
For the analyses, among others the following equipment is used:
  • Brookfield-Rheometer
  • Sieving machine
  • Flexural strength and adhesive pull strength measuring cell up to 1000 kN
  • Ultrasonic measuring instrument for construction materials
  • Marsh-funnel
  • Shrinkage measuring instrument
  • Haegermann flow table
  • Tensil strength measuring instrument
  • Oedometer
  • Proctor measuring cell
  • Colloid mixer
  • Mortar mixer
  • Thermostated shrinkage drain
  • universal testing machine Inspekt 10 kN
  • Vicat device
  • Carbide Moisture Meter

We can optimize your construction material according to your requirements and would be pleased about your request.