IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG - Your business partner for contract research, nanomaterials and training courses in salt technology

We offer competent solutions for your research and development, services and training courses

IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG, an integrated consulting and service company acting worldwide was founded in 2003. We provide complex services and solutions for your research and development. This includes work from lab scale to pilot plant scale, from complex process development within the inorganic chemical engineering to process optimization.

We offer an extensive knowledge in the processing of salt and salt solutions. This includes condensation, crystallization and brine purification as well as the separation of salt mixtures by flotation. We have experience with standard salt-based fertilizers as well as various inorganic and organic salts. Furthermore, manifold experiences with the design and development of complex processes, for instance the salt production by double conversion (e.g. potassium sulfate) or incongruent decomposition are available.

Our geotechnical and geochemical work is focused on innovative materials and technologies for rock sealing and grouting. This includes processes of provoked mineral formation as well as conventional injection materials. Additionally, inventive ideas for in-situ immobilization of contaminants, process development and optimization, especially for mineral processing and development of construction materials are part of our repertoire.

Lab service for contract analytics and chemical investigations

Are you looking for a competent partner with lab service for special analytics and investigation methods? Then we are the right contact for your concerns!

Our research lab has a modern equipment including special analytic instruments. We can offer variuos chemical investigations and analyses to answer your specific questions. This includes the determination of the particle size, strength, viscosity and other properties of inorganic and organic substances.

Training courses

Based on our extensive experience with the treatment of salt and salt solutions, we offer training courses about the following topics:

  • Chemical engineering
  • Salt solution equilibriums
  • Complex multicomponent systems
  • CaLoSiL®

IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG is the producer of a broad range of special materials for the conservation of stone, mortar and plaster (CaLoSiL® – CaLoXiL) and for the removal of biological growth (CaSoPaL®).

All Research & Development and consultancy is based on the State of the Art and is carried out in modern laboratories with extensive equipment. We realize own research projects, whereby we are focused on separation technologies, geotechnics, nanomaterials, immobilization of contaminants and material science.