Technical Inorganic Chemistry

Crystallization │ Kinetics │ Mineral processing │ Extraction │ Flotation

We offer a broad range of research and development activities in the field of technical inorganic chemistry. Our scope covers characterization of material concerning parameters with technical relevance, the chemical conversion (including pre- and post-treatment) and the separation of mixtures. For us it does not matter whether it concerns solid or liquid phases. We also provide support during the development of procedures, e.g. within the scope of custom synthesis. Further offers and examples are given in the salt technology section.

Examples for investigations in the inorganic-technical area are:

  • Crystallization and precipitation from solutions (Evaporation, Cooling, Vacuum)
  • Characterization of filterability and sedimentation behavior
  • Testing of additives and auxiliaries (flocculants, defrothing agents, dispersants etc.)
  • Determination of solid-liquid phase equilibriums
  • Kinetics of inorganic reactions
  • Scale up, development of synthesis routes (see also custom synthesis)
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Recovery of valuable substances from diluted solutions
  • Purification of process waters
  • Characterization von leaching and dissolution processes
  • Tempering and crystallization at elevated temperatures
  • Colloidal milling and dispersing of solids in liquids
  • Prevention of scale formation in pipes and pumps
  • Ion exchange
  • Liquid-liquid and solid-liquid extraction
  • Distillation/rectification

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