Salt Technologies

Crystallization │ Brine purification │ Solubility │ Kinetics │ Solar evaporation │ Solution mining │ Flotation

IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH & Co. KG acquired comprehensive expertise in the processing of salts and salt solutions by dissolution, crystallization and evaporation as well as flotation. We are familiar both with salt and fertilizer production and the crystallization of various carbonates, sulfates and chlorides. Special experiences are available for the production of salts by double conversion (e.g. potassium sulfate) or incongruent decomposition (e.g. carnallite).

We provide comprehensive consulting and engineering services as well as research in the following areas:



Physico-chemical fundamentals of salts and salt solutions

We have access to a comprehensive collection of data concerning solid-liquid equilibriums. However, more frequently as expected, relevant data was not published and hence they are not generally available. But also in this case, we can offer support:

  • Determination of the saturation characteristics for all types of salt-water systems based on a comprehensive database of solubility for organic and inorganic salts
  • Determination of solubility of salts in water, solutions and mixed solvents
  • Determination of vapor pressure and boiling point elevation for salt solutions
  • Modelling of salt-solution equilibriums (e.g. geochemical modelling)
  • Use of phase diagrams to develop processing strategies
  • Determination of the boiling point increasement of salt solutions
Crystallization and Evaporation

Crystallization and Evaporation play a key role in industrial processes. We offer comprehensive laboratory investigations, including both development of new and modification of available equipment.

  • Development of mass and energy balances of evaporation and crystallization processes
  • Determination of crystallization paths during evaporation, heating or cooling
  • Determination of crystallization kinetics
  • Cooling crystallization/evaporation crystallization
  • Reaction crystallization
  • Continuous/batch crystallization, precipitation
  • Brine purification by precipitation and ion exchange
  • Test of crystallizer setup and modifications (DTB crystallizer with fines separation loop)

We test flotation chemicals and optimize the dosage regime. In addition, we evaluate alternative products and test innovative approaches.

  • Development of the chemical regime for flotation (frothers, collectors, modifiers) by experimental investigations in flotation cells with volumes between 500 mL and 10 L
  • Slime flotation/Slime dewatering
  • Evaluation of novel substance classes as alternative flotation chemicals (e.g. replacement of amine-based collectors)
  • Investigation of mechanical and columns flotation
Solution Mining

Large-scale dissolution of minerals and mineral mixtures is a sophisticated process. Focusing on the thermodynamic perspective only is often not appropriate. Kinetic aspects and flow conditions are of great importance as well. In order to study dissolution process in detail we developed various experimental setups, which can be modified according to your requirements.

  • Determining of dissolution kinetics
  • Modelling of dissolution processes
Solar Evaporation

In contrast to crystallization in agitated evaporators, solar evaporation is accompanied by additional effects, which are difficult to describe using thermodynamic tools only. Examples are concentration gradients and density stratification as well as metastable supersaturation. We offer laboratory investigations to simulate and describe such processes

  • Experimental determination of crystallization paths
  • Characterization of temperature and concentration gradients
  • Investigation of metastable supersaturation
  • Balancing of evaporation processes
Processing of natural brines

We offer various techniques for production of valuable compounds from natural brines. Considering the modern and innovative approaches (e.g. ion exchange, membrane processes and solvent extraction), we do not neglect technical and economic feasibility in industrial scale.

  • Production of lithium, boron and strontium compounds
  • Production of bromine