IBZ is growing

In November the build of the extension to our company building began . A lot has happened since then and the house is slowly taking shape. The new building with 180 m² shall be place for our production and pilot tests. The planned completion is mid-May. So, we hope for a short winter and good building conditions! Updates of the progress will be posted here.

The Beginning

At the beginning of November 2020, the work at our extension building started. After taking a soil sample, the first construction work could begin: the soil work started.

A Container learns to fly

Since our hazardous materials container was on the construction site, it naturally had to be moved for construction. After it was completely emptied, it was put on the hook. The only problem: Everyone underestimated the weight and no one did expect that such a small container could weigh 2.7 tons. Additionally, four concrete slabs were used as the foundation for the container. However, no normal concrete slabs, but extra thick ones. Reinforcement was needed to move them safely. With the help of the crane, the panels could be moved quickly.

The Foundations

The excavation is done and the foundations can begin. After the relevant trenches had been dug, they were equipped with Lohr elements and then the probation was introduced. And of course the foundations were then poured.

The Floor Slab

After the foundations were ready, the floor slab naturally followed. First, everything was straightened and insulated and then the probation was applied. Finally, the floor slab was poured.

The Building is Growing

After the floor slab had hardened, it was possible to start the building of the walls. Since then the building has been growing continuously.

Winter is Coming

Over the New Year, winter has arrived in Freiberg and Halsbruecke. The construction site is currently covered in white snow. Actually, the ceiling should be pulled onto the shell in the 2nd week. Unfortunately, this has to be postponed ...

The snow is melting

Since only a few small piles of snow can be seen, our construction continues after the extended winter break. This week the ceiling was put in place, the cables for the ceiling lamps were laid and the pouring concrete was done. This time it was also documented from the air by our neighbour Christian Tempel. Thanks a lot!

The interior work begins

Despite various onset of winter, a lot has happened on our construction site in the last 1.5 months: the windows have moved in, there is an outside door, the roof is tight, the electrics and water pipes have been laid and the interior plaster is currently being applied . So things are moving quickly on our construction site. The screed should then be laid next week. Thanks to our neighbor Christian Tempel for the beautiful aerial photos!

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