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    NEWS from StoneCore

    Nano-powered boost for stone conservation

    Castles and cathedrals, statues and spires …
    Europe’s built environmentwould not be the same without these witnesses of centuries past. But, eventually, even the hardest stone will crumble. EU-funded researchershave developed innovative nano-materials to improve the preservation of our architectural heritage.“Our objective,” says Professor Gerald Ziegenbalg of IBZ Salzchemie,“was to find new possibilities to consolidate stone and mortar, especially in historical buildings.” ...


    Koenigstein Fortress

    IBZ was active at Koenigstein Fortress from 5th until 7th April. CaLoSiL® - our stone conservation material has been applied via dripping and spraying onto sandstones in the rooms of the famous “casa mata” (ital.). A KSE (silicic acid ester) has been used afterwards to preserve the sandstone in combination with CaLoSiL®. The treatment resulted in non-rippling of sandstone parts and the rooms can be used as restaurant and conference halls again.


    Do you know our environmentally friendly mildew killer CaSoPaL® plus?

    CaSoPaL® plus is the first agent, which combines a disinfected effect of alcohol and the long term influence of lime.

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